Gulliver's Travels - Max Fleischer Cartoon - Xvid 512kbps -
The Best cartoon adaptation ever made of the immortal tale invented by Jonathan Swift. Made in the legendary Max Fleischer Studios, this classic will entertain the whole family.
Lots of singing, beautiful animation, and lots of adventures!
Superman - Artic Giant Episode - Max Fleischer Studios - Xvid 512kbps
Another famous Max Fleischer Studios classic : the Superman cartoons! Is it a bird, is it a plane? No! It's Superman!
In "Artic Giant" Superman has to fight a frozen dinosaur suddenly returning to life and terrorizing the town.
Superman - Billion Dollar Limited Episode - Max Fleischer Studios - Xvid 512kbps
A train full of gold is attacked while crossing the countryby villains. Lois is onboard! But Superman intervenes and saves the situation.
The second superman episode brought to you this year by StreamPlug.
The 3 Stooges in Sing a Song Of Six Pants - Comedy - Xvid 512kbps
What would you expect if "The Three Stooges" became entrepreneurs and ran a clothing shop?
Chaos, slaps, and laughters! A typical "Stooges" episode, at the top of their art.
Affairs Of Cappy Ricks - Family/Comedy - XviD 512kbps
An adventure film for the whole family!
Cappy Ricks and his family are stranded on a south sea island, and there his daughters learn that their choice of future husbands is faulty. Based on a story by Peter B. Kyne.
This year, Santa Claus celebrates Christmas with StreamPlug® and brings you films and cartoons as presents!!
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Q : What is StreamPlug®?
StreamPlug® is a DivX® and other mpeg4 codecs streaming plug-in (Xvid, 3ivX and more). It delivers video/audio content to you instantly. It achieves to do so with a very light sofware that will take you only seconds to install. The full player is only 200k to download and you won't need anything else to play the files : streamplug contains everything necessary for the playback of either audio or video content. Furthermore, StreamPlug® allows you a great control over your media files, i.e support of subtitles and different resolution formats for video (4/3, 16/9, or custom). Make sure you check the option button on the player to enjoy the full StreamPlug® experience.
Q : How do I install it?

Installing StreamPlug® is very easy : if you use Internet Explorer simply click on the video or the song you want to watch or listen to and streamplug will be automatically downloaded. The average download time is only seconds! A simple confirmation from you and you're completely done. If you use Netscape/Firefox or Mozilla click here .
Q : Which OS and browser is StreamPlug® compatible with?

So far, StreamPlug® is only compatible with Windows based OS and Linux (very soon!). A Mac version is on its way and should be released shortly.
Browser-wise, it is compatible with I.E 5.0 and up, and the Mozilla/Firefox/Netscape suite of browsers.
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